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Winter 2017

Posted 1/24/2017 6:50pm by Dan.

Winter is here and we're still working on the farm. Though be it much easier than in the summer. Been doing a lot of planning and looking at seed catalogs. We have most of our seeds order and here already. I am trying something new this year flowers. I am hoping to be able to put a nice bouquet of flowers in the csa boxes several times this coming summer. If nothing else they should really look nice growing out there next to the prairie. With this nice weather we've had this winter I've been able to get a lot of things done outside. But I will be in the high tunnels in a couple of weeks starting all of our transplants. When that happens I know spring is close. We really hope to have a lot of new exciting things this year. Make sure you check back often for updates. Thanks to everyone for a great 2016 looking forward to 2017.